“Resolution One: I will live for God. Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will.” - Jonathan Edwards -

Monday, July 11, 2005

Here We Are

Well, I have begun a blog; let's see if I can be more consistent in this than I have been with my journal in the past. This blog will feature observations and opinions that I make as I walk through this life. Remember, these are my observations and opinions, therefore you may not agree with me; that is OK.

I will comment on things that those in polite society are supposed to avoid; i.e. American Idol, politics and religion. These, as you can imagine, are interrelated in many people's minds. Be forewarned, I am approaching the items that I discuss from a Christian Worldview, which should never be confused with a Democrat/Republican Worldview, or a psuedo-Christian Worldview, whereby one takes what they like out of secular society, plugs in the name of Jesus here and there and presents their case. There will be no referencing the bible of modern CGM (Church Growth Movement), aka the PDE (Purpose Driven EVERYTHING), for my observations, other than to show why I disdain these movements, and I won't reference Ralph Reed or Pat Robertson to make my points, again with the exception noted earlier. Don't you love acronyms?

I have found the Bible to be sufficient for me and my family, and hope to be able to present cogent thoughts on these pages that will not dishonor God, nor twist and rend the Scriptures to make a point.

As with any endeavor such as this, there will be disagreements; I hope that we will be able to have them without resorting to the ugly fracas that occurs on some sites. If you simply cannot tolerate my views, rather than making everyone miserable, you may simply choose to bypass this blog, I will be fine, really!

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Ryan said...

welcome to the jungle.