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Monday, November 07, 2005

Returning to the Basics

When last I left this blog, I was headed to a B&B for the weekend. I love getting away like that; I bring my books, and while for many that would not be rest, I find it incredibly rewarding and enriching. We had a wonderful time!

During the weekend I was able to get back into my study of the Westminster Confession of Faith; really digging into it and looking at each and every article within the Confession. It is an amazing document, and I have enjoyed how it has pushed me back to the Word of God over and over again to re-examine His Word! I will probably blog on some of this as I go forward. However, today I will simply state that if you have never REALLY studied the WCF then I would highly recommend that you do so.

As anyone who reads this blog knows; the direction that I have been taking is one that is more pastoral in nature. That is not to say that I am attempting to teach pastors in a formal way, there are many who are much more skilled at this than I EVER will be! Rather, I hoping to encourage and share with other pastors, teachers, missionaries, the things that I am experiencing, or learning as I go forward.

Anyway, with that being said, I found an article by Sinclair Ferguson on Reformation21's Blog that really gets to the heart of pastoral ministry. The is part one of a two part that I would recommend reading.

I have heard Sinclair speak many times and he is one of the great preachers/teachers of our generation (IMHO). I think it is time that pastors get back to the BASICS, and leave behind the rest of what passes for modern preaching/pastoring.

Over the next few weeks, I plan on discussing parabolic teaching, and it's misuse in today's society (witness Steve Camp's post on one aspect of this misuse and abuse.) Also note in that article that he provides a reason for the use of parabolic teaching by the Messiah. This is not the exclusive reason (IMHO), but it is a key reason that many overlook in today's 'seeker-sensitive' movement.

So, until I get time to post again; enjoy Sinclair Ferguson and Steve Camp!


Charles North said...

Ray - check out the history of the Springfield Presbytery from the early 19th century. This presbytery refused the Westminster confession, and wrote a document called "The Last Will and Testament of the Springfield Presbytery." Soon they dropped the "Presbyterian" and call themselves "Churches of Christ!"

Ray said...

Charles --

Got a link for me?

Ray said...

Charles -- Found it and read it... :-)