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Monday, June 19, 2006

Modern Evangelism?

In a recent Nightline article, the following was noted, (emphasis mine)

"As Osteen grew into his message — a gentle, positive one that often sounds more like self-help than sermon — so did the congregation, doubling that first year and then again and again.

The limelight became him, and his uplifting messages moved around the world and into a best-selling book, all without speaking of abortion, gay marriage, sacrifice or Satan.

And while some may disagree with Osteen's message, the numbers don't lie. And the simplicity of his sermons — to go with the flow, to put aside negative thoughts, to visualize your best self — seem to resonate in a meaningful way with the thousands upon thousands who connect with his quiet dynamism every Sunday."

This is the modern evangelical???

Ohhhh, Mr. Wizard, I don't want to be an 'evangelical' anymore!

"Twizzle, Twazzle, Twizzle Dum -- time for this one to come home......."



Steve Sensenig said...

...the numbers don't lie...

Lie about what?! All that means is that he is teaching things that people want to hear. There's nothing to be gained from looking at the numbers. His message absolutely resonates with people. But that doesn't mean anything with relation to the truth of what God has revealed.

I would guess that if...oh, say, Tony Robbins were to build a building and say, "Every Sunday morning, you can come free of charge [donations gladly accepted], and I'll share with you my thoughts on how to live successfully" the place would be as equally packed as Osteen's is.

It's a great message.......from a human standpoint. And sure, it meets a lot of people where they are. I don't doubt that or deny that at all.

Unfortunately, it doesn't do a whole lot about meeting people where they will be in eternity future.

steve :)

Ray said...

I agree wholeheartedly!