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Monday, September 18, 2006

California Cell Phones

Finally, another state realizes the danger of driving and cell phone usage.

This motorcyclist is pleased, and awaiting a Texas law that does the same thing.

Of course the dumbest part is that it does not go into effect into July 2008 to give them time to 'educate' the public. What in the world does that mean? It actually takes two years to teach people not to use their cell phones while driving? Why don't they do that with other laws? I don't remember a two year grace period for seat belts, and helmet laws are instantaneous (before anyone says something, I wear all the gear)

All of you blog readers out there -- pick yourself up a hands-free, ear bud, or headset -- save the life of a motorcyclist!


Gummby said...

I guess I shouldn't tell you what I was doing while we were talking tonite then.

Just kidding. But I DO do this far too often. My hands-free broke & I haven't gotten a new one yet.

Ray said...

LOL -- Yes, please get a hands-free for your old pal!