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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

State of the Union

Amidst the cries of 'Deeds not creeds", and the antagonism against any type of doctrinal discussions, we find this!

What is amazing is the final line in the article -- understand that this statement comes from a man whose daughters are still caught up in this cult. "I can't judge it," Sayer said. "Every person's got their own relationship with God."

This could have come from the lips of almost any modern 'evangelical' attending the largest churches in the land!

So we find here the result of Biblical illiteracy, doctrinal ignorance, and the whole 'personal jesus' cottage industry that is propagated by so many within the church today.

If anything and everything is right, and we all have our own 'personal relationship with God' that is torn loose from its Biblical moorings, then why are we surprised to find these types of things going on?

Sadly, the modern church is only a step away from this -- when you throw out orthodoxy, the Bible, doctrine and history -- preferring to 'experience' Jesus in an all new and totally personal way, then this church fits right in with many other, well-known, so-called churches out there.

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Anonymous said...

Boy (or is that oy!) would I love to comment on this one. But there's a gag order and I'm in the media. Oh, well...