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Friday, July 04, 2008


Seems that I write more of these apologies than real posts anymore. I have been away nigh on a month, but what a month it has been!

Just in the last week, my lovebird, Lovey passed away. He lived WAAAYYY longer than anyone thought he would. These lovebirds usually live about 12 years, he lived well past 16. He went peacefully, and now we are down to one bird -- our white-cap Pionus, Josiah.

On another front, I had surgeries number 7 & 8 this week, both on my right eye. The first was a cataract surgery on Tuesday -- it went OK, but unfortunately a piece of the cataract slipped through the back of my torn lens capsule and drifted into the posterior chamber of the eye, hence the need for surgery number 8. I had a lensectomy, and vitrectomy on Thursday to remove the cataract piece and the doctor also cleaned out the PC. Good news is that the retina stayed in place, the IOL is still in place, and everything looks like it is holding together! Another three days and I will know more...

Thanks for the many prayers! I am hoping that once my eye settles down, I will get back to regular posting.

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Anonymous said...

There's really nothing to apologize for. You've been under heavy testing over the last year. Pastors get that. In fact, many believers get that. When God allows the enemy to take a swipe at us, it lets us know we've been heading in the right direction. Few times does the enemy tempt those who are not living for the Lord.

I'm glad however, that you're still keeping up with how many surgeries you've had. I lost count about six.