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Monday, April 02, 2007

Dave's Prayer

This is a busy week for me (and most pastors), but I wanted to get in at least one post before the week overwhelmed me! We are having our annual Passover on Friday and of course, Resurrection Sunday next week.

I wanted to say that my wonderful friend, Dave, who opens our service on Sundays, opened this Sunday with a prayer that was beautiful and magnificent, properly focusing on God's transcendence as well as His immanence. I was extremely moved by this prayer and I feel it impacted the entire service.

This is not to say that Dave's prayers are not always great -- it just seemed that this week it was exceptional. For a small church pastor, I am blessed beyond belief to be laboring with the most wonderful team of people I have ever known. We have had hard times, and even disagreements, but I would not trade them for a thousand-member church!

I will post again this week, but just felt that this post needed to be put up.

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