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Friday, April 27, 2007

From the Protestant Church in Smyrna

Got to Neil's place and read this.

There are no words.... All I will say is that I am scheduled to preach on Matthew 5:10-12, and this will be ringing in my head as I prepare.


BugBlaster said...

The message for me is the gracious forgiving attitude of the letter and the Christians it references.

Ray said...

Absolutely -- Susanne Tilman was incredible -- this is an incredible example of Christians underpersecution, showing the world what a Christian REALLY looks like!

Steve Sensenig said...

I just came across some information on another blog correcting some exaggerations that had been released.

This certainly doesn't diminish the martyrdom of these brothers, but some of the details about the torture were apparently not entirely correct.

You can see the updated information here.

Ray said...

Thanks Steve --

It does no good to enflame the passions of folks unnecessarily. I agree, this does not change the martyrdom of these dear brothers, but to make misleading statements is also inappropriate.

We must still be in prayer for the families of these men, and for the embryonic church in that area!

BugBlaster said...

Thanks Steve, I've corrected the post.