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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Things I don't Understand

Our society is so confused, or is it just me?

It seems that Politicians want to ban smoking EVERYWHERE! Yet, the Dems recent plan to fund children's healthcare by taxing (once again) smokers seem to send a confusing message. I don't get this -- now, I am not a smoker, nor am I even advocating it, but I am very confused. We want to have the smoking community sponsor everything, and yet we want to ostracize them to the point where they no longer exist. Who will sponsor healthcare when the smokers are gone?

Likewise, everyone wants to be safe when they fly, even giving up some of their rights to do so, yet we see that people are shocked when a unruly passenger is dealt with in a quick and decisive manner. I am in no way saying that what happened to this woman was OK -- I think it is tragic, but what do we expect our law enforcement officials to do? A person is at the airport, they are rowdy, and everyone tenses -- so, the police could have (a) given her a hug; (b) arrested her; (c) ignored her. Which one would you have them do? And what if you were wrong, and the person was sporting a weapon? She does harm to one or more people, and now you have people lining up to sue the airport, airline industry and the police department.

Our society (in the USA) is in a mess -- we are fractured with the multitudinous 'special interest' groups, the increasing rift between haves and have-nots, the lack of a common cause and culture, a disturbing rise in racial unrest, and the polarizing effects of a political system that is in the business of winning constituents by alienating or coddling various groups.

I know that I normally do not comment on societal situations, for one, I am no expert, but I am increasingly confused by our inability to think logically about ANYTHING!


Steve Sensenig said...

You nailed it, Ray. It is very confusing, indeed.

Ray said...

I am really disturbed by all of the racial issues that are cropping up, especially since it is involving young people.

This trend is the most disturbing, and I fear as things progress, people will get more and more xenophobic.

Anonymous said...

Its like this Ray, we in this country have no Biblical common sense when it comes to voting. I attend what I would call a conservative church and I know of several who have no problem voting for pro-choice candidates. Federal politicians are to do Federal business, yet we vote for them to "bring home the bacon" for our states. For our upcoming elections I am adopting a new voting system, flip of the coin. Since I know God has a plan and works His plan no matter who is in office, does it really matter who we vote for? God is in control and all things work according to what He desires. Therefore, I find a great amount of stress relief when I leave the big distractions of how the world operates and do my part which is to pick up my cross daily and follow my Lord, day by day.

Ray said...

anon -- I would agree that common sense (actually any kind), has evaporated. However, I don't believe that flipping a coin is the answer to the political ills -- that seems a bit fatalistic to me.

The problem is that the candidate list is fairly lame, and I can understand how you could come to that conclusion (flipping a coin), but I think as Christian it behooves us to at least be informed as to the candidates.

Just my .02